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#ShopDrop for Hurricane Matthew

Clear out your wardrobe and rummage through the cupboards. Your clothing, accessories, household items, furniture and CDs/DVDs can all be turned into valuable cash for our Hurricane Matthew Appeal.

In October, Hurricane Matthew tore through the Caribbean causing widespread devastation and flooding.

Local Red Cross volunteers are on the ground, working around the clock to supply clean water, hygiene kits and emergency medicines to families in need.

Here's how it works

  1. Find your nearest Red Cross charity shop using the shop finder.
  2. Ask for your items to be put towards our Hurricane Matthew Appeal in store.
  3. The items are then sold in Red Cross shops across the UK.
  4. The money made goes directly to the Hurricane Matthew Appeal.

No donation is too small; just one small bag of goods can help provide urgently needed shelter, food, clean water and first aid to families.

What you need to know

What do we do with your donated items?

When we receive your donated items we will add tags, indicating that they are Hurricane Matthew #ShopDrop items. When sold, the charity shop tills will ensure this money goes directly to our Hurricane Matthew Appeal.

What happens if all my items are not sold in time for the appeal?

We convert any unsold appeal items into general stock where the funds generated will support the work of the Red Cross in the UK and across the world.

Can I donate my items to a Red Cross branch or centre?

We are asking that all donated stock is given to a British Red Cross shop. Red Cross branches and centres are not able to accept stock donations, unless specific arrangements have been agreed locally.

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Why we sell your items in the UK

Please note that we cannot send any donated items abroad.

Wherever possible we source necessary items from the affected region because this benefits the local economy, reduces our transport costs and speeds up our delivery times.

For this reason, the British Red Cross only accepts donated goods for resale in the UK.

Read more about why.