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Bhaktapur Nepal 30 April 2015 Hundreds of Nepalese help remove rubble from the ancient Mahadev Mandir temple at Durbar Square in the city of Baktapur Nepal after an earthquake struck central Nepal on 25 April 2015

Photo quiz 2015

Welcome to the 2015 photo news quiz. It's a quiz and a discussion starter. High-quality press photographs jog young people’s memories of the past year's news stories of 2015.

Alistair Brownlee helps his brother Jonathan Brownlee cross the finish line at the Triathlon World Series

Photo quiz 2016

Fingers on the buzzer, it's the 2016 Newsthink photo quiz. News photographs and enticing questions reveal knowledge and stimulate opinion.

Boshra, her two children and a teenager smiling on their way back home after the family visit to their detained relative took place in the Chamchamal prison

Prisoner of war

Prison visits make people happy. Find out why, and learn more about the law and detainees following an armed conflict.

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