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Soldiers in the trenches in WWI

World War One: The Unknown Soldier

Engage learners with World War One (WWI) and the humanitarian impact of armed conflict with our film resource.

VADs in Uniforms

First World War volunteers

Over 90,000 people volunteered for the British Red Cross at home and overseas during the First World War. A suite of education resources encourage young people to discover more about the lives and work of the volunteers during the war.

WWI British Red Cross

WWI: Operation Ouch

To mark the Centenary, the British Red Cross has created a suite of eight primary lesson plans which support a CBBC ‘Operation Ouch WWI special’ film.

A man drives a car filled with luggage and with a stack of mattresses strapped to the roof

Refugees: seeking safety

What is it like to be forced to leave your home? Engage students' common humanity to explore refugees' experiences and needs.

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