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young girl with nosebleed

British Red Cross leads the way in teaching first aid through voice recognition technology

12 Apr 2017

“Alexa, open first aid”: British Red Cross leads the way in teaching first aid through voice recognition technology

Children raising their hand during a Red Cross lesson

Key dates to help you plan your lessons

We've prepared a handy list of awareness days and events taking place during the term/s ahead, plus accompanying teaching resource ideas from the British Red Cross, to help you plan your lessons.

young girl with nosebleed

“Alexa, open first aid”: Red Cross launches first aid education skill for Amazon Alexa

12 Apr 2017

The British Red Cross has launched a new first aid education app to allow people to access spoken first aid advice in their home.

A woman sits indoors

Debt and darkness at the top of the stairs

In a dark room at the top of three flights of crumbling, water-logged stairs, Ameena sits with her two severely disabled sons.

A man stands beside a concrete building

From bullets to the breadline

When stepping out of his front door meant facing a storm of gunfire, Marwan knew he had to leave.

Hundreds of families stuck in the mud

In northern Lebanon, a cluster of home-made tents in a muddy field is home for about 100 Syrian refugee families.

A woman flips bread in her hands

When home means plastic sheets

“All the houses in our neighbourhood have been flattened now. Completely flattened.”

A woman with blonde hair looking at the camera

Amanda Holden backs urgent call for life-saving skills in the classroom

10 Mar 2013

TV star and mum of two Amanda Holden is backing a Red Cross campaign to put first aid and humanitarian education on the school curriculum.

A woman out running assesses the situation of a fellow runner who has collapsed

British Red Cross launches campaign for runners to learn vital first aid skills

03 Aug 2016

The charity’s #UpYourGame campaign hopes to encourage runners, clubs and coaches to learn the essential skills needed to act in an emergency

First aid scenario response, chest compressions

MPs to learn first aid with help of leading charity

18 Jul 2016

The British Red Cross will be in Parliament today to help MPs learn first aid skills

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